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This MVP program will soon conclude as a new loyalty program, Rewards Uncorked, has recently launched. If you would like to be involved, sign up.

Current MVP members will be able to login on this site and redeem their points until 11:59PM CST on September 1, 2022. Tickets that were not entered prior to June 30, 2022, can no longer be entered. Unredeemed points will be transferred to Rewards Uncorked, given that users have signed up with the same name and email address on the new platform. Point transition will occur in September 2022.

Missouri Wines is excited to introduce a new loyalty program, Rewards Uncorked. Similar to MVP, the program will allow members to visit participating wineries and get rewarded with the click of a few buttons on a mobile device.
Sign up at today and learn more about the conclusion of MVP in the FAQs section.

Get the latest information about reward specials, sweepstakes and participating wineries each quarter.

Program brought to you by the Missouri Wine and Grape Board
Missouri Wines MVP | 1616 Missouri Blvd. | Jefferson City, MO 65109